About Sewcecilia

I have always enjoyed sewing and working with fabric. I love the way a home can be changed just by adding a few soft furnishings.

I studied dressmaking, sewing and fashion at college (in France) for 2 years as much as I loved doing this I knew that making clothes and the fashion industry wasn’t for me.

After returning to the UK I started working in the retail industry, at the same time I completed a correspondence course in Professional curtain making and interior design with the National design academy. It was after this that I decided to start my own business to offer people quality products using materials that are locally sourced whenever possible. I also try to use exclusively natural materials.
I set myself up with a sewing machine and a lot of fabric collected over the years in a workshop in Blackburn and started to create my product range.

I currently work mainly with wool as it is an amazing natural material, naturally insulating and water-, dirt- and fire-resistant (think about how sheep live and what they wear). Its properties make it the perfect choice for home furnishings.
So check out my products and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. If you see anything you like but want it customised contact me to let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

As well as making products I also run workshops, and craft fairs so check out my events page to see what’s coming up.